Friday, October 12, 2012

Hinton - Elk City

Friday, Oct. 12, Hinton - Elk City, 65 mi.
towns along the way: Bridgeport, Hydro, Weatherford, Clinton, Foss

It was warm, between 65 an 70, and raining lightly as we left the hotel, and after listening to several weather forecasts we weren’t sure what to believe. By mile 5 the rain had stopped and it was quite pleasant.

Lucille Hamons (1915-2000), was the proprietress of a gas station and tourist court business at Provine, a highway junction just south of Hydro, OK. Lucille ran what eventually came to be known simply as “Lucille’s” for nearly 60 years, beginning in 1941.

In Weatherford we passed by the Thomas P. Stafford Museum, an astronaut who is from Weatherford. As the weather was still “iffy”, I didn’t take time to go in.

Stafford museum

Also in Weatherford I saw a Braum’s dairy store, so of course I had to stop for ice cream. I had a single scoop of peppermint ice cream - yum!

When I made the turn in the road on the way to Clinton, the temperature dropped 20 degrees! I knew there was going to be a weather change, but the skies didn’t look threatening.

It did start to rain about twenty minutes later, a real misty, almost sleety rain. I stopped to put on my arm warmers and socks. I kept moving to stay warm, and pretty soon it stopped. 

In Canute I took a picture of a couple of old motels.

Tomorrow we enter Texas!

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