Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Staunton, IL - St. Louis, MO, 51 miles

Friday, Sept. 28, Staunton-St. Louis, 51 mi.
towns along the way: Hamel, Edwardsville, Mitchell, Granite City, Venice
   Cool cloud cover as I started out with Becky. A few miles out of Staunton we saw a nice bike path. We talked to a local resident who told us the path went to Hamel for sure, but she wasn’t sure if it went as far as Edwardsville. We took it to Hamel and really enjoyed it, as the highway we had been on had no shoulder and traffic was a little busy with people going to work.

• barn
• ann street
• shadow
   Unfortunately, by taking the bike path, we missed seeing the Neon Cross on St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, one of our points of interest.
   We met up with Charlie and Gerry and rode with them on in to Edwardsville. Got lost for a while, but asked a local and got back on track.
• hen house
   Stopped at the Hen House restaurant in Mitchell. I had a BLT and a cup of potato soup, very good. Mike came in and joined us.
   Across from the restaurant was the sign of the Bel Air Drive In movie

   We took the 5,353’ long Chain of Rocks Bridge across the Mississippi River into Missouri, then followed the St. Louis Riverfront Trail to our hotel.

• bridge pics

trail murals
   Our home for the night was the Drury Inn, and very nice place. Some of the group went to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game in the evening.

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