Monday, October 15, 2012

Shamrock - Groom

Sunday, Oct. 14, Shamrock - Groom, 57 mi.
towns along the way: Lela, McLean, Alanreed.

Cool and clear leaving the hotel at 8 o’clock. Winds picked up during the day, from the west in the morning, and switching to the NNE in the afternoon. We climbed and gained elevation all day (940’), making it a challenging day along with the wind.

Between Shamrock and McLean I took a few pictures. 

cotton field

shadow shot

old gas station

painted house across the interstate

We encountered a lot of rough pavement - big cracks in addition to the expansion cracks, plus chip seal

McLean was very quiet. I saw a few people going to church. Took several pictures. 

Phillips 66 station

Cactus Inn


Reached Alanreed at about mile 30, and was happy to find a gas station and convenience store. Used the restroom, bought a Route 66 Beer (root beer), and ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Rich, Bill, and Mike were there, too.

Alanreed store


Not much to see between Alanreed and Groom but the wide open spaces.

wide open spaces

The Leaning Water Tower was at the Groom turnoff. It was placed at the site as an advertising ploy during the time a truck stop was in business. The water tower was never properly installed in the ground, causing it to lean markedly, adding to the visual spectacle. It is marketing in the best roadside tradition and also made its way into the movie “Cars.”

Britten water tower in Groom

Charlie, in our group and who lives in Amarillo, brought us a wonderful barbecue dinner, which we had in the parking lot after our social hour. The only other place to eat was the Dairy Queen, and this was a much better option!

dinner pics

Tommow - last day into Amarillo!

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