Saturday, October 13, 2012

Elk City, OK - Shamrock, TX

Saturday, Oct. 13, Elk City OK - Shamrock, TX, 56 mi. (I did 37 mi.)
town along the way: Sayre, Erick, Texola.

Morning was warm, already 70 when I left hotel at 8:00. There were high winds expected today, and possible severe weather. We would have started earlier but we had to wait till it got light enough.

Stopped in Elk City at the museum for a photo op.

Arrived at Sayre at about mile 19. I was tired from the wind, and needed a rest. I took some photos, and just as I was about to leave Sayre  I found The Brick Coffee Shop. I had a cup of good strong coffee and about a twenty minute rest.

It was another tough 15 miles to Erick, and I was again ready to stop and eat my PBJ for lunch. Stopped at the C&K Quick Stop. As I was eating my sandwich I saw Judy go by. Called her to see if I could get a lift into Shamrock, and she had a full load so I waited at the Quick Stop until she came back for me. Headwinds were 20-30 mph in our face - no fun!

Cabana Motel in Erick

Stopped in Texola to take a couple of pictures.

There's no other place
like this place
anywhere near this place
so this must be the place

After I checked in to the hotel, I rode back a couple of blocks to take some pictures.

Tomorrow is a 50+ day, and there will be a headwind, but it's supposed to be less, about 10-20 instead of 20-30. Also, it's supposed to be a little cooler, about 72.

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