Tuesday, October 2, 2012

St. Louis - St. Clair

Sunday, Sept. 30, St. Louis-St. Clair, 57 mi.
towns along the way: Eureka, Allenton, Gray Summit, Villa Ridge, Pacific.
   Riding out of St. Louis early Sunday morning meant low traffic, but only for an hour or two, then it got pretty heavy. Saw a couple of neat murals.

   I started out riding with Trisha. We stopped at McDonald’s for a bathroom and water break, and soon Jim, Vicki, and Becky joined us. Another 10 miles down the road we stopped at a small dairy store. I had a dish of cinnamon ice cream - yum!
   Finally, after 25 miles, the traffic lessened and the rolling hills increased. I got in about 2:00, and went to the Lewis Cafe for lunch. Maureen came with me, and Trisha joined us shortly after we had ordered. Good food. I had a hot roast pork sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, a side order of grilled onions, an Arnold Palmer, and cherry pie for dessert. 

Lewis Cafe

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