Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Springfield, IL - Staunton, IL, 60 miles

Thursday, Sept. 27, Springfield-Staunton, 60 mi.
towns along the way: Chatham, Glenarm, Auburn, Thayer, Virden, Thomasville, Girard, Nilwood, Carlinville, Farmersville, Waggoner, Litchfield, Mt. Olive.
   Most of these towns were a mile or more off of Route 66, so even though we had a few points of interest in our itinerary, it was difficult to tell which road to take to get to the town of choice. So today I didn’t ride into any of the towns.

•yard art
   Tonight my roommate and I are responsible for setting up and cleaning up the Social Hour, and I wanted to be sure I got finished riding in plenty of time. I did. Got to the hotel around 2:00!

•underpass art
   There is a DQ right next door to the hotel, and I treated myself to a small cherry sundae - tasted great!

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