Sunday, October 7, 2012

Carthage MO - Afton, OK

Saturday, Oct. 6, Carthage MO - Afton OK, 61 mi.
towns along the way: MO - Brooklyn Heights, Carterville, Webb City, Joplin; KS - Galena, Riverton, Baxter Springs; OK - Quapaw, Commerce, Clyde, Miami, Narcissa.
   Becky and I walked to McDonald’s for breakfast, as the hotel just had continental breakfast.
   In Joplin we saw a giant Coke bottle and a giant crayon, but we didn’t stop to take pictures.
   Gerry joined us, and in Galena we found a nice coffee shop. Gerry and I each had a cinnamon roll and coffee. I took a picture of the mural on the inside wall.

Galena mural in coffee shop

   In Riverton we saw the Marsh Arch Rainbow Bridge, a single-span concrete bridge over Brush Creek.  It was designed by James Barney Marsh, and several of these bridges, constructed in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s remain and are listed in the National /register of Historic Places.

In Baxter Springs we stopped at the Phillips 66 gas station, which has been restored and now houses a Visitor Center.

Phillips 66 gas station

   In Quapaw, OK, we stopped at Hemi’s to take a break. Gerry had a cup of coffee, and I had a corn dog (not a very good one)

After that Becky and Gerry got way ahead of me and I rode the last 20 miles by myself. It was a good thing, actually, as I was growing weary of pushing myself to keep up with them, and really enjoyed going my own comfortable pace and looking at the surroundings. I think I will ride by myself tomorrow, maybe I’ll see more points of interest.

Took a picture in Commerce

   Arrived at the hotel about 3:30. Had a steak dinner at the restaurant next door to the hotel after happy hour. On to Claremore tomorrow, and a rest day on Monday at the Will Rogers Best Western Inn.

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