Wednesday, October 3, 2012

St. James - St. Robert

Tuesday, Oct. 2, St. James-St. Robert, 39 miles
towns along the way: Rolla, Doolittle, Newburg, Clementine, Hooker, Devils Elbow.
   Cool and cloudy again this morning, Becky and I were riding together. One of the first things we passed was not really a Route 66 icon, but it had been listed on our Points of Interest, so we stopped to take a picture. The dripping faucet would make a better photo after dark, as the neon would show up.

We stopped in Rolla at the Totem Pole Trading Post to use the bathroom. Talked quite a while to the man there, he has worked there many years and had lots to tell us.

Totem Pole Trading Post
Newburg was a very tiny and quiet community. 

mural in Newburg
  The stretch between miles 19 and 28 were especially pleasant, as the low traffic road was far from the noisy interstate. There were open spaces with farms, also shady places with big climbs. 
  A few miles from our destination we passed through Devil’s Elbow, a section of highway famous among Route 66 roadies for its river-bluff scenery and a lovely old steel-truss bridge built in 1923. A bend in the Big Piney River for which the settlement was named that caused logjams and flooding. It sits below 200-foot tall tree-lined bluffs. A popular eating place there is the Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ.

Elbow Inn
In the evening at the hotel, a man from the Department of Tourism spoke to us about the history in the area, and showed us some slides. They also provided a dinner of salad, mini-hamburgers, chicken wings.

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