Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bristow - Edmond

Wednesday, Oct. 10, Bristow - Edmond, 76 mi.
towns along the way: Depew, Stroud, Davenport, Chandler, Warwick, Wellston, Luther, Arcadia, Guthrie.

Started out with Becky. No breakfast at the motel, so we loaded our bags and rode about a mile to McDonalds. Gerry rode with us from there. I stopped at Depew, and Gerry and Becky rode on and I never caught up with them. That’s okay, I enjoy riding by myself.

In Stroud I stopped and took a picture of the Rock Cafe, a restaurant dating from 1939 and constructed from native stone unearthed during the excavation and paving of Route 66 through the area.

In Davenport I stopped at Gar Wooly’s Food-N-Fun. I talked to the lady at the front desk for a little while. 

Gar Wooly’s

Stopped in Chandler to take a picture of the Lincoln Motel. Asked the lady in the office for directions to the Museum of Pioneer History.

Lincoln Motel

Went into the Museum of Pioneer History and looked around. They were having a fund-raising lunch there, ham & beans and cornbread for $5, and they invited me, but I decided to eat my sandwich.

Phillips 66

Moved on down the road to Warwick where I took a picture of the Seaba Station. During the Route 66 days it served as a NevrNox gas station and as an engine-building shop, and named for it’s owner, John Seaba.

Seaba Station

Rode through Wellston, and it was all neighborhoods, no downtown area.

Stopped in Ardadia at POPS, a gas station and soda fountain that opened in the summer of 2007 to considerable fanfare. About 400 varieties of soft drinks are available, and the building is set off by a 66-foot tall tower in the shape of a pop bottle, which illuminates at night. 


rock house remnant along highway

Stopped at the Round Barn, built in 1898. I’ve seen a round barn in Michigan, but this one is quite a bit bigger. I think the man said it was 60’ diameter and 40’ high.

round barn

It was pretty hilly today, lots of "rollers?"

Miles to motel were about 67, then Becky, Charlie & I rode to a bike shop, which added 9 more miles to our day. I needed to replace my bike mirror, which broke when I was going through Tulsa.

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