Tuesday, October 9, 2012

rest day in Claremore

Monday, Oct. 8, rest day
   I was not feeling well, so I had a quiet day. After breakfast I did laundry. While the laundry was washing I walked to the convenience store and bought some orange juice. Hung up my laundry, then went to the restaurant next door and had a bowl of carrot soup - very good. I walked the other direction in search of an ATM, and found one at Walmart. While there, I found some nice polarfleece shirts for $9, so I bought two, one red, and the other neon green.
Got back to the room around 1:30, did a little computer work, watched a little TV, and tried to take a nap (with no success).
   Didn’t feel like going out for dinner, but Becky brought me back a side salad from the restaurant she went to.

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